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Keeping You Connected!

Are you a mobile on-the-go person but you still have questions how technology can help you? Computers are just not in the home any more. We can help you get mobile!

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In the News

In the News

Keep up to date with the latest news and updates on our blog spot.

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Business Focus

Focusing on Business Technologies

Do you feel like you are out of focus when it comes to your business technology needs? Let us help you get the focus.

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The Puzzle

We can be the technology piece you have been missing.

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Technology Minute

Take a minute and listen to these great tech. tips.

Business Spotlight


Local Business Spotlight sat down for an in-depth interview with Frank Masland, CEO of Aardvark Computers, an Information Technology Company in Carlisle, PA. LBS: Can you give our readers a high level overview of Aardvark Computers and what type of products and services you provide? Frank: We are a locally owned and operated information technologies services company. We build, service, […]

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The Blog


Well this is our first blog of many. Welcome to our new and improved web site. We hope that you enjoy our new site. Drop us a line if you like what you see.

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We are not just another technology company. We are available to meet and talk to you face to face whether you are a business or a neighbor.

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